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We have advanced peptide synthesis, purification, freeze-drying equipment and perfect process flow, providing one-stop peptide synthesis services.

Focusing on peptide synthesis for many years, the company has accumulated a number of patented technologies, which can synthesize peptides of different lengths, different amino acid sequences and different purity levels according to customer requirements, to ensure the quality of peptides, and accompanied by HPLC and MS detection reports. Standing inventory of tens of thousands of peptides to meet the needs of different applications.

At present, it has provided customized peptide services for more than 30000 customers, covering more than 50 countries in the world, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other regions of the research institutions and some biological companies, and has been widely praised.

  • HPLC and MS reports
  • Solution Testing Service new
  • Endotoxin testing service new
  • Free desalination service new
Note: Added optional dissolution test service and endotoxin test service, according to different experimental requirements for customers to choose.
What is a polypeptide?
Peptides are small molecules of high nutrients that can be completely absorbed by human cells. They have advanced physiological functions of repairing cells, nourishing cells and activating cells, which can comprehensively increase human immunity and improve physical fitness.
What is the basic principle of peptide synthesis?
Solid synthesis of polypeptide is a major breakthrough in polypeptide synthesis chemistry. Its main feature is that the intermediate product is not purified, and the synthesis process can be continuous, thus laying a foundation for the automation of peptide synthesis. At present, fully automatic polypeptide synthesis is basically solid phase synthesis.
Do immune use polypeptide how many length is appropriate?
Generally about 10-15 amino acids, of course, longer immune effect is better, but the cost of synthesis will increase. MAP peptide is expected to be longer than 15aa, the effect is better. In addition, the immune effect of peptides below 10aa was poor.
Does the purity of immunopeptide need to be very high?
Generally speaking, 70-85% purity is sufficient for immunization Peptide.
What is the delivery status of the peptide?
The polypeptide we provide is in powder form, usually grey and white. The color of the polypeptide powder varies with the composition. It is stored in 2ml centrifuge tube, and can be divided according to customers' requirements.
How are peptides stored?
To preserve peptides for a long time, they need to avoid light and should be stored in an environment of -20 degrees Celsius to maintain the stability of peptides as much as possible. Short-term storage can be stored in a 4 degree environment. The outside temperature has no effect on the validity period and quality of the peptide during short-term transportation.